Erin Curry Art mobilis in mobili

mobilis in mobili

Erin Curry Art Interacitve Sculpture analog touch screen

maybe we are the door

"Erin Curry Art" Sculpture The Impossibility of Indexicality

the impossibility of indexicality

Erin Curry Art Installation title: Intermittent Transmission

Intermittent Transmission

Erin Curry Art Printmaking

Static I, II, III

Curry_Decoding Grief_IMG_8161 light

Decoding Grief

15. Curry_Freckle Constellation

freckle constellation


vessel for the unspoken

Erin Curry Art "might have said" drawing

what I might have said


News [wherever the wind blows us]

abstract strip 3

scratching the surface

Written on Silken Seas

written on silken seas