written on silken seas

Written on Silken Seas

Written on Silken Seas
 Indigo-dyed silk, bamboo spars, sewing pins, string, and wooden bowl,


A lacuna is the space occupied by an ellipsis. The pregnant pause marked by three dots. Written on silken seas is a tribute to the labor of waiting. I stretched hand-dyed silk over bamboo rods and then pinched and pinned the cloth with sewing pins to make an irregular (binary) pattern on the surface. Next to the growing pile of framed silk are more materials, more silk, more bamboo, pins glitter in a wooden bowl.  As a “performance in stasis” the maker is not present, it’s not clear if I’m making or unmaking the work. The labor of writing and the labor of waiting coexist in my retelling of the story of Penelope weaving and unweaving her cloth while hoping for the safe return of Odysseus—perpetual rewritten love letters never sent, edited and re-edited ad nauseam.

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