Intermittent Transmission

Intermittent Transmission
main panel is 6ft x 9ft
wallcircle is 4ft in diameter
wood, hand-dyed silk, metal threads, dye, electrical tape, masking tape, mylar, paper, carbon paper, white-out tape

The systems of communication that we rely on to navigate our place in the world are inherently flawed. I draw on references and modes of communication both past and present and aim to highlight the failures of these systems through appropriation and misuse of their intended purpose to guide us. Newspapers, books, maps, HTML code, spoken words and other modalities are undermined by their inability to perfectly transmit information. All of them rely on their materiality to facilitate communication that is still subject to misinterpretation and misdirection by recipients.

We have a deep-seated desire to know, learn, and consume in order to better understand and situate ourselves in the world, however we can never consume everything available to us. In a society that constantly generates new knowledge via the web, libraries of books, and museums of natural history and art, we are drowning in a constant expansion of archives, data, and technology. This expansion and our limited ability to fully immerse and absorb it all, in a moment, a year, or a lifetime leaves us lost at sea, unable to find our bearings. Motivated by this loss of place and time, my work strives to recontextualize this struggle through a poetic exploration of materiality and dislocation. Operating from the fundamental principle that poetics is process, my works utilize mutability, translucency, labor associated with textiles and writing, erasures, and illegible markmaking that illuminate and obscure the internal processing of loss and grief. Rooted in analog translations of digital interfaces, silk becomes screen, mylar becomes window, dye becomes loss, and marks become negations. Delicate, impractical materials elicit ephemerality, and become an illegible web of liminal communication, erasing the places we think we know, bookmarking what isn’t there, and rewriting questions about what could or will ever be in our consciousness. We wander.

tl:dr Communication is hard, I point this out.


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