Curry_mobilis installation_CUR_2785My art research reflects my fascination (and frustration) with the limitations of communication and navigation. I use drawing, sculpture, and textiles with allusions to writing and storytelling to relay longing and lostness. Sails of traced newspapers, pools of smocked silk, and water and oil touchscreens all emerge from my studio.

My recent series of works pay homage to Romantic Landscape painters and the Sublime through the lens of a contemporary digital explorer. Mobilis in Mobili, a large scale interactive installation involved two tons of water, hand-dying hundreds of yards of silk and the management of a small team to build and install the work. The project marked my successful completion of my MFA degree in Studio Art. My artist’s book, “Ambient Air” was featured in Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s 2014 Best of American Comics guest edited by Scott McCloud which garnered mention in the L.A. Times “5 artists to watch from ‘The Best American Comics of 2014.” Recent projects include an artist book, Poems to the Sea, a response to Cy Twombly’s drawings of the same name was published through Ley Lines in November of 2015, a solo large-scale installation based on the space exploration, “So Far,” in October of 2015 at Santa Fe Gallery, FL, another in 2016 in Miami, and the curation of a show of fine art comics for exhibition in 2017. One of my works will appear in the Canadian Carousel Magazine in March of 2016.

Curry_Elevator_bio_smallYou may reach me at erinhcurry@gmail.com

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